Julie-Glavin Standing in kitchen with flowers

Julie Glavin, Principal

Julie Glavin Design

Rooted in a contemporary model of craftsmanship for timelessness.

I’d characterize my childhood as an early tutorial in planting the big seeds for my curiosity to blossom into an absolute love of architecture and interior decorating. Wonderful exposure to art, construction sites, antiques, and to the unique homes created by my talented & energetic parents.

The freedom to traipse through woodlands and over coastal islands, gave way to plenty of self expression creating piles of rickety tree houses. All ‘deluxe’.

Roaming around as a youth across continents and seeing ‘how’ people lived, humbly and elegantly, deeply inspired the desire to create extraordinary, comforting, personal environments. So like many creative types, toddled forward through the formal study of architecture and design.

I landed in the gaming world at its genesis in Silicon Valley. The uber pacing and technical problem solving of my profession as game designer fostered my own evolution – and confidence, to create through complex design processes. A wildly intense and exciting era.

Passionate love of textiles, hand printing and designing a one-of-a-kind clothing, love how things are made… all roads harmonized into interiors. Really a true blessing to be able to connect with articulate and creative clients whom share my excitement in making their ‘house into a home’.

The Team

Molly Goecke-senior-designer

Molly Goecke, Senior Designer

Molly is a certified architect and, coordinates all manner of Julie Glavin Design day to day challenges and logistics, great and small. Done with a thorough attention to detail and a snappy wit, she’s also a certified organizer. Molly is mother to delightful and vibrant daughter Waverley, and a wild  puppy Moake.


Jenny Rivas, Administrator

Jenny manages the constant flow of numbers, tracking all aspects of the information flow to accounts, vendors, anything with numerical attributes. In her spare time she’s an expert pool player and loves to run a Porsche at fast speeds around a racetrack.

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Julie has a great sense of style and design. She is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of building and renovation. She takes her projects from the curb including landscape design to architectural interior design and remodeling. Julie has exquisite taste. She has a fresh, innovative and artistic touch.

~Ben F.

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I have worked with Julie on some very involved projects. She has a wonderful design sense and I have grown to really trust her aesthetic sensibility. I’ve also grown, as a builder working with her. I truly recommend Julie Glavin Design and company.

~P. N. Construction

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Julie has such a great eye and her attention to detail is stellar! My latest project that she’s helped me with is a modern beachy house and, as always, her vision really helps to achieve that goal. I’ve used her ideas for a more casual look but she is very versatile in her designs. She has a warm, fun personality and is so easy to work with.

~Vee H.

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I use Julie on any projects big or small.  Whether I just need her extra designer expertise on a paint color, floor plan layout, how to utilize a space I can’t figure out, a complete remodel, or single room makeover, you name it! I highly recommend her for your design project!

~Marissa F.

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I sought out Julie after seeing a home she remodeled. I was so impressed with her sense of style; she has original ideas that can transform a room so perfectly. Her ability to understand the space in a room and make it so inviting, comfortable and amazing are why you can trust her with your project. Her attention to detail makes all the difference, she knows what’s going on behind the walls and in the ceiling, so your project will turn out right.

I appreciated her excitement and commitment to my project. I will most definitely use her on my next remodel. I learned so much about my own style from working with Julie, she wants to know what you like and will pull together ideas to meet your style. Julie is fabulous, talented and hard working. You will love her!


~Susan F.